Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Soundstream speaker is waterproof with IPX7 rating. 

(IPX7 means it can survive immersion in 1 meter/3.3 feet for up to 30 minutes.) 

To maintain the looks and functions of your speaker, please make sure to rinse it with fresh water after using it at a swimming pool or the ocean, then dry off all covers and areas where water can gather. 

The standard for waterproofing is for tap water.  

Chemicals and salt in your pool or the ocean can damage the waterproof seals or harm the surface finish over time if not rinsed off after use. 

No, for now it is only possible to connect two speakers together using the TWS connect feature.

Yes, it is needed to close the USB cap completely for waterproof.

Speakers will dual tweeters gives listeners the ability to have a single speaker to drive two independent channels, ideally stereo left and right. 

 No, you can certainly take off the front grill if you like the design of the speaker without the grill. However, do not touch the tweeters or woofers, as they can be damaged if you touch them. For ourdoor purposes, we do not recommend taking off the front grill.

You should not submerge the speaker into any water or liquid. 

The wireless connection between the two speakers is a 2.4 GHz connection

Simply turn off one of the products.

1 Soundstream Bluetooth speaker. 1 USB Charging cable. 1 Quick Start Guide. 

Water splashing against the speaker from any direction should have no harmful effect on the unit.

Yes, the Soundstream ICON features an IPX7 rating that allows you to submerge the speaker in 2 meters of water for 30 min.

This is an active speaker, so it can be connected with an 3.5 mm AUX connection.