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Stealthy Sound Giant

Plug-and-Play Installation

Rugged Build Quality

Smart Frequency Calibration

Tough build quality

As the melodies flow, the powerful sound fills the air, showcasing the speaker’s exceptional audio quality. The hidden port ensures a clean, organized look, highlighting the speaker’s seamless blend of functionality and design. This scene captures the essence of space-saving innovation and superior sound, making every journey a musical adventure.

Powerful Sound

Clean Cable Management

Space Saving

BassMatrix maximizes your car’s space by fitting neatly into the spare tire compartment, ensuring a clutter-free environment while delivering excellent sound quality.


Designed for durability, BassMatrix is built to last, with robust construction tailored for long-term use within the car interior, providing reliable performance for all your journeys.

warranty guaranted logo soundstream product

Authenticity & Warranty

Buy Genuine with 12 months warranty

Peace of Mind, Included: comes with a 12-month warranty, because we’re confident in its rugged build and high-performance capabilities. Enjoy a year of worry-free experience, knowing we’ve got your back!”

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