In a World of Elements, Meet the Master

In the dynamic tapestry of life, where adventures unfold in the lap of nature and among the splashes of water, there exists a need for a soundtrack that’s as fearless as the spirit of adventure itself. Enter SoundSplash, a revolutionary feature of Soundstream’s outdoor portable speakers, transcending the traditional bounds of IP67.

model playing with friends on the beach club

Crafting the SoundSplash Saga

Every SoundSplash speaker begins its journey in the meticulous hands of our engineers. Here, the essence of IP67 is reimagined. It’s not just about being waterproof and dustproof; it’s about being a relentless companion in every escapade. From the drawing board to the rugged terrains of testing, SoundSplash is forged to thrive amidst splashes, showers, and everything in between

Living the SoundSplash Life

: Imagine gearing up for a day of surf and sun, your SoundSplash speaker in tow, knowing that a dive into the waves is a shared adventure with your music. Picture a camping trip where your tunes play on, unfazed by the sudden downpour. Envision pool parties where your SoundSplash speaker is not just poolside but in the pool, creating ripples of rhythm. This is the SoundSplash lifestyle – unbridled, unworried, and unmatched.

A Melody for Every Moment

SoundSplash isn’t just a feature; it’s a lifestyle enabler. It’s for the morning jog in the misty drizzle, the tranquil evenings by the lakeside, and the spontaneous get-togethers where life happens unplanned. In every setting, SoundSplash delivers a performance that’s as enduring as your memories

Your Invitation to Fearless Listening

As we unveil SoundSplash, it’s more than an introduction to a feature; it’s an invitation to a life where the quality of your music experience is as resilient as your spirit of adventure. SoundSplash isn’t an alternative to IP67; it’s the evolution – a testament to our commitment to sound that not only plays but plays along, no matter where you go.

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