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Soundstream Technologies Asia Pacific (STAP) is wholly own by Epsilon Electronics Inc, a USA incorporation base in California specialize on audio design, research & development in the Automotive audio. The company own the brand “SOUNDSTREAM”, “PRECISION POWER (PPI)”, “POWER ACOUSTIK”, “FARENHEIT”, “NESA”, “VST”.

STAP is establish in 2016, with the regional HQ base in Singapore as a strategic office for Regional Sales & Marketing, Product Design Research & Development, Logistic hub & Ecommerce platform to support APAC + Greater China growing demand in the Automotive & Lifestyle Audio. STAP market, “SOUNDSTREAM”, “PRECISION POWER (PPI)” & “POWER ACOUSTIK” in the APAC + Greater China Region. Our STAP management team is driven by a group of dedicated and experience executives who are passionate on high fidelity audio with years of management experience in the Automotive & Consumer Lifestyle.


Mission Statement

STAP Lifestyle Team play a critical role to drive APAC business growth in the lifestyle audio segment. We are dedicated to meet the challenge in the constantly changing audio consumer market with our R&D team innovating new products to meet the constantly changing needs of the audio consumer. Our product marketing & communication team to update the latest technology to market and deliver premium and affordable Lifestyle audio to our audio consumer.

Research & Development

Our designer team plays a crucial role in presenting our speaker to the consumer with a design that is trendy and relevant to today market style. We analyses the design trend from the shapes to the color and our engineers goes into the smallest technical detail identifying the possibility that could disrupt sound quality and we improves it.

STAP Lifestyle Team is committed to deliver a range of uptrend, beautiful, quality, affordable speakers built with sound quality yet exceeding expectation to enjoy Soundstream audio products. We design and build Soundstream speaker all the way to the simplest details with consideration and we present to you, “Sound of Purity” by Soundstream Technologies Asia Pacific.


  1. LEGACY Music Festival 2019
  2. Launching of New Soundstream.Asia website with more interactive features
  3. Set Sail to the most happening music festival on ITSTHESHIP 2019 with new product introduction for Harmony & Repulse launch to the asia pacific partner
  4. Product launch party at Celavi MBS Singapore
  5. Launch Precision Power High power amplifier series
  6. Launch Soundstream LEGACY MUSIC FESTIVAL ICON speakers as limited edition for the biggest music festival by the beach at Sentosa.
  7. Launch Soundstream Harmony, the strong and light weight Al design portable speakers with loud and clear sound. Featured Al casing , USB Type C charging , powerbank , IPX7 waterproof rating
  8. Launch Soundstream ITSTHESHIP ICON speakers as limited edition for the biggest music festival in the sea set sail from Singapore
  9. Launch Soundstream Lifestyle ecommerce platform on Lazmall , Shopee , Ebay
  10. Created facebook & IG : Soundstream.Lifestyle as a Lifestyle page to market soundstream Lifestyle audio with 3 Music strategic pillar Selecta , Dance , Live
  11. Launch Soundstream RX.5FR , 2" dashboard speakers for automotive with passive radiator
  12. Launch Repulse N48, Bluetooth portable speakers featuring USB Type C 30W fast charging capabilities , Optical In connectivity , LED passive radiator, USB Type C 30W charge Out , IPX7 waterproof rating
  13. Launch Sabre (SB) series 10" underseat active subwoofer with variant of active subwoofer with 1CH DSP and 4CH DSP , Launch Davinci 6CH DSP - DVC.631
  14. Announce 2019 portable speakers model - Harmony & Repulse BT portable speakers, first in the range to have Al casing with 30W Type C fast charging, Optical in , LED passive radiator, IPX7 features compacted to deliver a small and powerful portable speaker.
  15. Launch new soundstream.asia website
  16. Launch Soundstream True Colors ICON series. ICON is a Small.Mighty & LOUD BT portable speakers. A small speakers design to delivers loud and clear music have since gain popularity among the young demographics as their travel companion
  17. Launch Precision Power High range speakers
  18. Launch RX.2FR , 2" full range dashboard speaker
  19. Introduce Soundstream Dash camera category added into the lineup
  20. Launch Soundstream new speakers range RX series with 4", 6.5", 6X9" coaxial speakers and 6.5" component speaker and SP series amplifier for the asia market.
  21. Launch Bring Music to Live theme with Soundstream first R&D bluetooth portable speaker name after the legacy of Soundstream amplifier Picasso series. Picasso BT portable speaker is a new design developed in CA,USA with its assembly plant in China. The clean minimlistic design as an acoustic speaker have been a top seller in the region
  22. Launch Sabre Series (SB) SB.8AM , Soundstream 8" active underseat subwoofer for the automotive segment
  23. CES 2018 at Las Vegas, USA - Announce the launching for Soundstream BT speakers Picasso , the artistic acoustic speakers bring music to live , announcement of new SB.8AM active underseat subwoofer
  24. Introduce Facebook.ap for asia pacific region
  25. Participate in Shenzhen AAITFF audio fair
  26. Participate in Zhuhai Go KAR racing with Soundstream Team
  27. CES 2017, Las Vegas, USA - Launch the first innovative dual screen headunit
  28. Opening of new soundstream concept store for Car audio in China, zhong shan
  29. Establish Soundstream Technologies Asia Pacific HQ base in Singapore to developed and market new category in the Automotive , Home & Outdoor portable speakers
  30. Spring Break Nationals organization honored Soundstream Technologies with its Bruce Terrell award.
  31. Soundstream Technologies has been actively involved in IASCA, dBDrag, USACI, INAC, EMMA, and various auto‐sound competition organizations globally.
  32. Soundstream Technologies founded in 1981 developing as a Car Audio brand for Speakers , Ampliifer , Subwoofer , Equalizer , Capacitors