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Anzuo Ultra

Car head unit


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Anzuo Ultra

Drive Smart with Anzuo Ultra

headunit with bluetooth 5.0 connection

Bluetooth Connection

Ver 5.0

2 option of screen type anzuo ips or qled screen


screen option

headunit with support simcard and 4g connection

Sim card Support & 5G network

android operating system headunit


Operating System

Dive into new experience

new experience driving with anzuo

Split Screen

safety function head unit

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AV Output

hdmi output headunit

We offer standard and expedited shipping options. The available methods may vary depending on your location. Please check with our customer services for special arrangement

Advance Cooling fan

GPS Navigation

Anzuo Ultra comes equipped with a built-in GPS system that promises precision and reliability. This advanced navigation feature ensures accurate location tracking, real-time traffic updates, and efficient route guidance, transforming every drive into a seamless journey. Experience the pinnacle of navigation technology with the Anzuo Ultra Max.

easy connection android and apple carplay

IPS screen

2K QLED screen

Cutting edge performance

smooth multitasking and quick response times. Unveiling the Octa-Core chipset with 2.7GHz processor speed: a hallmark of elite performance. This powerhouse ensures swift application response, crystal-clear graphics, and unmatched multitasking prowess. Experience the epitome of speed and efficiency with Anzuo Ultra Max

Touch Screen

The Anzuo Ultra touchscreen elevates in-car interaction with its sleek, user-friendly interface. Effortlessly control navigation, media, and settings on a durable display designed for the dynamic driver. Quick taps and swipes bring a world of automotive convenience right to your fingertips, making every journey a seamless experience.

Musicverse UX

The Anzuo Ultra’s “Musicverse UX” offers an immersive auditory journey, transforming each drive into a personal concert. Its intuitive user experience (UX) invites users to explore and curate soundscapes with ease. Tailor your audio environment with simple gestures, as the system’s smart algorithms adapt to your tastes, creating a continuous flow of music that resonates with your mood and journey.

360 Camera

The Anzuo Ultra redefines vehicular awareness with its cutting-edge 360-degree camera feature, providing drivers with an unparalleled panoramic view. This all-seeing system stitches together a bird’s-eye perspective, ensuring no corner is left unseen. Maneuver with confidence as dynamic guidelines and high-resolution imagery bring precision to parking and tight spaces, affirming safety with every turn.

360 view angle camera

Bluetooth Connection

The Anzuo Ultra boasts a seamless Bluetooth connectivity that effortlessly links your devices, enveloping you in a world where your favorite tracks are just a tap away. Engineered to maintain a stable and swift connection, the Ultra ensures that your streaming experience is uninterrupted and pristine, no matter the journey. With this advanced Bluetooth feature, the Ultra becomes an extension of your digital life, wirelessly bridging the gap between your music and the open road.

warranty guaranted logo soundstream product

Authenticity & Warranty

Buy Genuine with 12 months warranty

Peace of Mind, Included: comes with a 12-month warranty, because we’re confident in its rugged build and high-performance capabilities. Enjoy a year of worry-free experience, knowing we’ve got your back!”

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